Lectures on Network Systems


Francesco Bullo

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Control, Dynamical-Systems, and Computation
University of California, Santa Barbara
bullo at ucsb.edu

Edition 1.7, Apr 1, 2024
376 pages and 190 exercises
Kindle Direct Publishing
ISBN 978-1-986425-64-3

Book versions and purchase/download information

The book may be purchased or downloaded in the following versions:

Solution manual
I repeat: the solution manual is freely available upon request ONLY for instructors at accredited institutions and it is not intended to be shared broadly. If you are not an instructor at an accredited institution, please do not email me in the hope of receiving a copy.

Additionally, the following documents are downloadable:

Youtube lectures

UCSB lectures for the first 7 chapters: youtube playlist


A translation into Vietnamese by Trịnh Hoàng Minh and Đoàn Tuấn Kiệt (version 1.6, October 16, 2022; translation updated as of May 15, 2024) is available here [PDF file].

Citation information

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Short Slide Deck

An abbreviated version of the material in the first 10 chapters is available here: [PDF file]

Python 3 Jupyter Notebook

The following Jupyter Notebooks in Python 3 contain numerous examples, visualization and supplements accompanying the lecture notes. The notebooks require a Python installation with the following required packages:


The notebooks are also available on binders where they can be run without installing any software.

The notebooks were prepared by Erik Suer, while taking my UCSB course ME/ECE 269 “Network Systems”, during Fall 2021. They are released under the MIT License.

Copyright information

This book is intended for personal non-commercial use only: you may not use this material for commercial purposes and you may not copy and redistribute this material in any medium or format.

Why I decided to self-publish a print-on-demand book

There are several reasons why I decided to self-publish this book via the print-on-demand service by Kindle Direct Publishing (former Amazon CreateSpace). I appreciate the ability to:

As a combination of this flexibility, I typically polish and enrich the book every time I teach the course.

Similar arguments are presented in the write-up Why I Self-Publish My Mathematics Texts With Amazon by Robert Ghrist



I am thankful for any feedback information, including suggestions, evaluations, error descriptions, or comments about teaching or research uses. Please email bullo at ucsb.edu